FASHION TALK - How To Style (01): White Button Down

Hello Beautiful friends!

I don't know about you but I always have those piece of clothing in my closet that I bought thinking "Oh yea! I  can deffiently wear this!"... Then I actually get home and I have no ideas - at all. Then whatever it is that I bought gets exiled to the back of my closet. 

Today I am starting a series where I take one item of clothing, and style it 6 different ways. This should help inspire you (and me too!) to wear those things at the back of your closet and get more out of your closet! As well as just general fashion inspiration!

I figured the first item should be a basic one that most people have, so todays How To Style is a White button up:

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Keep it simple! perfect every day casual 

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Midi skirts are wonderful


Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Another way to layer up and add demotion and detail to your look.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

Lay it up for fall and look professional. 

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

keeping it casual chic with distressed jeans and 1/2 tucked top.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest

This look also look great with a pair of clean dark skinny jeans and a to add a pop of color try a red (or any color) heel!


1- Fit Matters: if it's too big then it's baggy and that takes away from the clean and sophisticated of the look. If its too tight then your chest will be popping out of the buttons and that's no good! Taking the time to find the right fitting button up makes all the difference and totally worth the effort. 

2 - Material: this dictates whether the shirt is a more casual material or a more formal material. Something to also keep in mind while you shop is whether or not the shirt material is easy care or even a non-ion material that can make your life so much easier if your putting it on, on a regular basis. Another great thing about white internal is that you can always bleach it if anything gets on it! 

3- Nude Bra: this is a great  concept I've learned over time. If you where to wear a white bra under your shirt( or anything white for that matter) even if its only slightly see threw others will still be able to see it in odd lighting and so on. your best bet is to wear a flesh tone or nude colored bra that will been in with your skin this way it will look seamlessly blended in with the rest of your top ( your arms and tummy and so on). A nude bra is another investment piece that worth the time and money.

I was able to find all these image on Pinterest. I LOVE! this site for fashion inspiration it a really great way to help you find ideas on how to wear things and see new looks. Not only is there fashion and beauty inspiration but there is so much more (food, home decore, DIY, products, to name a few.) You can see my pins here and come follow me! ( links are also in my Social page)

let me know if you like this new ind of post I would really like to hear what you all think. Till new week! 

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT – Adventures or an Ordeal?

Hello Beautiful Friends!

Happy Monday and, Welcome back to Every Girl Blog and Food for thought posts! today we're talking about a quote that has recently changed the way I've been thinking and therefore effecting my everyday action:

I found this image in Pinterest.

I found this image in Pinterest.


We all have those days where we have to do something we don't like. Running errands, dealing with situations, or even studying. Sometimes were putting together an event and everything seems to be going wrong. By taking a second to apply this idea of changing your attitude you make be able to take what seems like a horrendous task and make it into an adventure.

"Easier said than done Sarah!" is probably what your scoffing at me right now. Its true actively changing the way you think is one of the hardest things to do.

First you have to stop and realize what your actually thinking. If your like me you have a stream of thoughts in you head. Most of the time those thoughts are immediate reactions to what going on around me. These should be the "non-filtered" versions of what I say. egg time I read this quote, I realized that its those thought are what shape my attitudes towards something (and event, task, situation) and until recently those thought were automaticly negative making everything seem like an ordeal.  Once I began to make an effort into changing those thought from negative to positive those same things things I  needed to do became bearable and sometime fun.

The best way to start is the next time you have a list of errands to run, think of them as a secret mission that you have to complete rather than a chore. To add to the fun bring along a friend and have them join in in the secret mission! You'll get your "To Do" list finished but you also spent time with a friend and all with a fun mind set.  Not to mention maybe a good story out of it while your at it!

Another thing I like to do is to when some one give me a task and presents it to me as a problem that needs to be fixing, I change into a puzzle that needs solving.

One of the greater things is to bring a friend along with you. Having another set of eye, ears, and hands makes everything easier and at the same time you can feed off there positive energy. 

What do you guys think of this quote? Do you have any stories of how something could have been a total ordeal but turn out to be not so bad? What was the factor that changed that? Share below in the comments!!  Or share on twitter using #EveryGirlBlog and #FFT. Check out the Social page for my social media Handles. Till next week,

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FASHION TALK - The Bling Chateau

Hello Beautiful Friends!

Today I have a really awesome post for you! 

Let me start by asking have you ever wanted to open a business with your closest and best-est friend? Well a pair of my friends did! Rose and Caroline have been friends since high school and are now business majors at Kean University. Together these lovely ladies created and lunched a business: The Bling Chateau is a a fashion / costume jewelry online-store. Rose and Caroline kindly offered me several pieces from their collection to review for you guys. 

Here are all the pieces I was sent. I have really fallen in love with these pieces and find that they are a great addition to my jewelry collection. The Bling Chateau has a ton of right-on-trend pieces at great prices too! 


Teal Teardrop Necklace Set ($10.00) - This beautiful necklace and earring set adds a great pop of color to any outfit! I've been loving adding this to my more monochrome outfits.

Rockstar Cuff ($7.00) - This is a chic and edgy piece for any of your girls who like to add a little something to your look. The beautiful detail truly adds that extra oomph! This earring has a space for one ear pricing and and "C" shaped cuff on top to secure it to the top of your ear. 

Lastly is a beautiful White Marble Statement Ring ($5.50) - This ring has an adjustable band, so no worries about ring sizes, and the beautiful gold detailing encompassing the marble is gorgeous. The length of this ring allows it to just cover the knuckle of my size 6 fingers. I can see myself wearing this beauty with my simple casual summer dresses in order to add that extra touch of detail. 

One thing to keep in mind is that most of the wonderful jewelry these ladies retail is costume/fashion jewelry, so if any of you lovely ladies are sensitive to costume metals, be informed - On the other hand, you can wear these anywhere and not worry too much about losing them! 

Today the Bling Chateau has just relaunched their website with even more gorgeous pieces!


The lovely ladies at Bling Chateau  were kind enough to give me a coupon code for you guys to use!

~ Use "Sarahbling"to get 20% off your order! ~

($12.00 minimum)

Check out the Bling Chateau: Website, Blog, Instagram, and Twitter

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and please send me pics on social media using #EveryGirlBlog of your wonderful new bling!

All My Love,


PS - I value my readers' trust more than anything else, so in full disclosure, I was sponsored by the Bling Chateau - however, all of my thoughts and opinions shared with my readers are truly my own and in no way reflect the sponsorship.


LIFE LOG - Sunday April 26th 2015

heres a little bit of a morning vent for you all. plus some stuff. 

life can be frustrating and stressful and aggravating all at the same time. the people you come across in your life contribute to this aggravation and frustration. you professors adding work and exams on top of you, changing due dates, adding assignments. your parents expecting you to be home and either being useful or studying. your friends want you to be out and about with them having fun and spending money. society wants you to be employed and working obedient to all law rules and regulations both write and unspoken. all of this on top of each other is aggravating and frustrating. 

is it just me or dose all this seem like a crazy amount of pressure all at once? talk about the need for  a mental health day am i right? why haven't they built in mental health days in along with sick days and holidays? people are always talking about how its important to car of yourself, enjoy life while you can. where are the opportunities to do so? some times i lived in France, people there seems to be living the life taking a month off at a time. sadly i live here in the US where we work our selves it'll we crash and burn it seems.  


you have got to love the drama that movies and TV shows display. take the movies lug that i just watch ( great SciFi /drama) it makes you think that we can be literarily the on top of the world with some kind over over dose. The Tv show black list makes you want to become and FBI agent to save lives and and be a bad ass putting the bad guys away! its interesting to think about what the media used to inspire us to be.

so inorder to keep my hand busy i've made crescent rolls and rolled chocolate chips in to some of them. totally not "lean clean and green" life style I've been trying implment into my life but hey, its what i could think of!

i managed (with the help of my father) to change my tire of my car. Don't ask me what I did to it because I have no idea! But it's changed to the doughnut until I get a minut to head to my Costco to get it died up! 

Here's my messed up tire there's missing chunks and bubble. Again I have no idea how this happened  

Here's my messed up tire there's missing chunks and bubble. Again I have no idea how this happened  

All fixed 😊 

All fixed 😊 


Nachos for dinner! 

Nachos for dinner! 

since I've fixed my car oven been preparing for the week. Each Sunday I go threw my Filofax and look a head to see what my week looks like and what has to get done and meal prepping for the week. Now it's dinner time! To night my mom has mad nachos!!! So good! So excuse me while I scarf down this yummy meal 😊 


bed time for me! It's only 10:30 but I'm up early for a work out (#BIKINISERIES 😊) and then off to school. 

Leave a comment or a like if you want to see more of these kinds of posts. I know there a little different from wats normally on here (don't worry tomorrow's food for thought will be up at 9am) but this blog is growing a breath every day.  


Till next time! 

All my love,  


BEAUTY TALK- My Red Lipstick Collection + Tips

What's more classic than a red lip? If you've been reading on here you might have realized i love clean and classic looks for pretty much everything, make up being no exception. Red lipsticks is a beautiful bold statement but can be intimidating to try on or even keep on. here are my 5 tips to help you rock a beautiful red lipstick look:

Tips to wear red lip stick

1.     Prime- i used to never be one for lip liners or premiers. i always thought it was tedious to buy the matching lip liner to the lipstick it felt like I was buying double of the same product! that was until i discovered how useful they can be.  i recently purched a clear ( yes you red that right) lip primer from Bite Cosmetics. let me tell you, this make life so much better especially for these matt colors! the product leaves your lips feeling smooth and minty, it conditions them and helps your lip product apply smoother and last even longer. Over Compulsive Cosmetics has a anti- feathering lip liner as well but I have no gotten my hands on it yet. This product is supposed to keep your lipsticks on your lips rather that the rest of your face!

2.     Own it- once i stopped by a mac counter and took a snoop around the lipstick display. (because don't we all?) of course the lovely sales person came up to me to see if i needed anything. Let me tell you, she had on the most amazing bright orange lipstick that ever existed! (orange being my favorite color of course)  after i complmented her i told her that i could never wear such bright color. she told me that you can wear what every you want as long as you own it. if look and act like you own the look, or for that matter own what ever it is your doing, you can get away with everything! that what i think about when i wear any kind of make up. i love it, i own it. 

3.     Finding the Right Red- there are so many different shades of red out there my 12 shades shown below are proof of that. keep in mind that different shades compliment different skin tones and looks. another example blue toned reds makes your teeth look whiter, orange toned tones more than orange toned. this is one of those things where you want to play around and find out what looks good on you. maybe go to a counter  and ask one of the make up artists to help you find a good red for you. and don't be afraid to try them out. 

4.      Keep the rest of your make up clean and simple- your already drawing attention with a statement lip. keep the rest of your make up simple. for the most part, you want to draw attention to only one facial feature at a time . Weather its your eyes with a sexy smoke eye, your lips with a bold color, or your bone structure with contouring, by only highlight one of theses at a time you'll avoid looking like a clown or having people look at your funny because your wearing a ridiculous amout of make up.  think simple wing liner or just simple black eye line, and flawless foundation job. 

 5.     top up!-  drop that lipstick in your bag and bring it with you! your going to want to reapply that bad boy after your eat and drink! especially if you going to a big event like a wedding or party. the last think you want is to look back in photos and see that your lips where fading funny. 

Here are my red lipsticks that i own (all bought with my own money) to give you an idea of some of the variety of red that are out there:

Red lipsticks

1.     Rimmel London Lasting finish by Kate Moss in 107- this is a deeper pinky-purple red. the whole Kate Moss collaboration line is amazing and affordable! they apply smooth with great pigmentation, they have a good lasting finish and smell sweet. i find my self looking at the display each and every time i go to the drug store or Ulta. they have a good variety of colors and your should defiantly check it out next time you head out.

2.     Rimmel London Lasting finish by Kate Moss in 111-  this is your true basic red 

3.     Rimmel London Lasting finish by Kate Moss in 10- bright blue toned red 

4.     Rimmel London Lasting finish by Kate Moss in 11- a cherry red. This is on of my go to colors.

5.     Revlon Really Red- this is your classic true red with slight orange under tones 

6.     Cover girl 355 tempt berry- like that name would suggest its a berry toned red. leans a bit more on the pinky purple side 

7.     Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Red Velvet- love this as an everyday color its beautiful sheer berry red. This is another one of my staples that always ends up in my bag.

8.     Rimmel London Lasting finish 124 Bordeaux- burgundy thats a bit on the purple side.

9.     MAC living legend matt finish- dark oxblood purple red. i have a whole other blog post review on this one. (here)

10. Nars velvet matte lip pencil  in cruella- this is the 2015 Sephora birthday present! is is surprisingly creaming on the lips and very comfortable wear for a matt lip color. it makes me want to look in to the whole line of lip pencil And comes off as a deeper true red 

11. Sephora cream lip stain in 01- this is a Matt finish, and has a creamy consistency. its really good applying to the lip. its dose dry totally matt. its great for such a classic red and dose not move all day. but if you don't like dry feelings on your lips or your like me a tend to rub your lips together often buy with caution. i tried to put chapstick on underneath but that took away its staying power an i felt like it moved off my lips and on to the rest of my face ( let me know on the comments if you want an indepth review/ vlog of the wear time through out the day!)

12. Cailyn tinted lip balm in big apple - i got this in an ipsy back a while back and at first i didn't love it. it says "balm" in the title and that it is not. i didn't like the texture, the way it applies or the finish. i felt like it was way to drying. then i realized that thin coat could act like lip liner/ primer base for my other reds! 

Well thats all i have today, as you can see I'm a bit obsessed with lip products in general.I find my collection constantly growing. comment down blow with your favorite lipstick ( red or not) and share your tips you use when you wear them. till next week!

All my love,


FOOD FOR THOUGHT-The Power of Words.

Our communication is based in language. 

Our languages are comprised of words.  

Words are spoke with intention, emotion, and meaning.   

Being on the receiving end of the spoke works can have an extreme effect. Take for example the word of Martin Lither King JR. IN HIS "I have a dream" speach. Those words are still taught and heard all over to this day.  famous quotes and sayings are thrown casual into conversation with out stoping to really thing about the meaning behind those words.

You look at the news and you see all the hate between religions. People being killed because they believe one thing over the other. I feel like once people take words for granted they starting taking other things, perhaps humans life, for granted as well. 

The next time you say something to some one off hand, take a second to really think about the word you use and the how the person on the reciving end will be affected. 

Word have extraordinary power.

BEAUTY TALK - January Ipsy Bag

Hello Beautiful friends!

Welcome back to EveryGrilBlog! This weeks Beauty Talk is the January Ipsy Bag review. I just want to mention that the reason I don’t review the Ipsy bag the same month that I get it is because I get my back about half way through the month and I take the time to test out all the products and tell you what I think, and if its worth you hunting the stores and interwebs for. That being said here’s this month bag.

This months theme is ‘fresh start‘ for the new year.

The bag is quite cute this time with orange white and cobalt blue all making an appearance I’m loving the clean design of the bag.  Leave a comment if you like the bag to!( or totally hate it)

I got 2 lip products this time, the first is a Lip Balm by Astrida naturals in Orange mint. To me, this is your every day keep in you bag kind of chap sticks. Its nice as far as chap sticks goes, clear on the lips and applies softly and feels really nice once you’ve applies it.

The second lip product is this Jouer conditioning lip treatment. This is a pretty nice gloss it looks links pink before you apply the product but goes on practically clear. There was nothing too impressive about this product its again a nice keep in your hand bag kinda product.

I also got a nail polish this month and it’s this almost sky blue color. The Probelle brand its really nice quality. The high shine gloss formula is really handy because it makes it harder to chip your nail job. After wearing this polish for a few days with washing, showering, scrubbing and what not of a typical day there is just the slightest bit of wear on the edge of my nails. Over I this is a win and I cant wait to wear this bright, fun color over the summer!

I love eye shadows! What make up love doesn’t?  Ipsy sent me this Pacifica, one that a really light tope shade. The quality of the shadow is really nice and soft and has a nice payoff. As you can see in the swatch is shows up quite nicely (although on my eyes it’s a bit lighter) this would be a really nice base color or even a inner corner high light

The last product is this LashFood treatment. Not let me preface this by saying I’m not a fan of these kinds of products they tend to do more harm than good. Because I have pretty sensitive skin on my face, also I have pretty thick eyelashes to begin with. That being said I’ve only used this a few times, and not for the 4 weeks that they have suggested you use this product for. But when I did apply it to the lash line its almost burned a little and irritated my eyes. Although this is not a precut for me theses lash enhancers are quickly coming to the market and become popular. This might be one to give a try if this is what you’re looking for. If any of you have tried a product of this kind share your thought below in the comment I would really like to hear what you have to say about you experience.

Over all, this bag was ok I got an adorable bag, 2 handy lip product, a pretty eye shadow, and a nail polish that I like. Only having on flop in the bag isn’t bad at all.

Tell me if you have tried any of these products below and if your interested in trying any of these!  Until next time!

All my love,


LETS CHAT- Won’t Leave The House Without

Hello friends! 

Today I wanted to start this new kind of post on the blog. I want to bring you guys in and have a conversation with you via the comments below the posts. Each week I’m going to post a topic with a question for all you readers and my self to interact on. 

I really want this blog to have a strong community of readers who come together and chat on the regular. Please don’t be afraid to post a comment! I can’t wait to read them and comment back!

This week question:

Today was a supper late day for me I woke up extra late that means not as much time for my normal beauty routine. But unless it s a no make up day I don’t leave the house with out eyeliner. There is always time for eyeliner! 

So tell me , what’s your “I can’t leave the house with out not matter what” make up/ beauty product, no matter how late you are or where your going?

 Side Note: Also if there is anything you want to see on this blog please let me know! I’m more than willing to work on a post that you guys want to see!

All my love


BEAUTY TALK- NYX Above & Beyoned Full Coverage Concealer

We all have those Holy Grail product. Those products that we can't imagine living without. When you find a new one to add that category, all hell breaks loose and you've gotta tell the world!! 

Well ladies I believe I've found a product that maybe worthy of the title of Holy Grail!

Allow me to introduce you to NYX Above & Beyoned Full Coverage  Concealer. 

I have always had the hardest time finding an concealer to love. There never the right color,  or the finish is cake-y or ashy or even to light.

Then I found this little guy!

I can honestly say that this product was love at first application!

I first saw this product on pointers in passing, the image was of a girl covering her tattoo with the product and man did it do the job. Then the other day while I went out shopping with my friend Pauline ( Hi Girly!), I spotted this little bugger at Harmon's. 

This is a really lovely cream concealer that applies like a cream but ends up with a almost powered finish once its been applied. It's look so natural not he skin once its been blended in.  The jar says its a" light weight" and " crease free" and I can honestly say thats totally true! After wearing this product several times it has become one of my all time faves. 

I have the shade light. What I really like about this concealer is that it has a peach/ salmon undertones that are great for canceling out any blue-ish tones on my face. For example those pesky dark circles under my eyes. (Something I'm sure every girl out there struggles with) 

You can really see the pink tone to the product here 

You can really see the pink tone to the product here 


The best way I've found to apply this product was using my fingers. now some people may think this is gross, but I find that because this is a cream product, the warmth from your fingers really help you work the product into the skin and blend it out. Then I like to take the brush I used for my foundation and blend everything overall for a seamless look 

The following pics are a before and after photo all I have on is a little bit of eye make up ( shown in the first photo) no foundation  just the concealer ( third picture). yon see a difference indoor my eyes. the blue toned circles are pretty covered up with out looking fake or as if I've caked on make up 

Here the eye make up I'm wearing in the following pics! the Rimmel Sandaleyes waterproof kohl Kajal in Nude, Urban Decay Ink For Eyes water proof precision eye pen, and finally the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base in Submissive. Nice and simple!

Here the eye make up I'm wearing in the following pics! the Rimmel Sandaleyes waterproof kohl Kajal in Nude, Urban Decay Ink For Eyes water proof precision eye pen, and finally the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base in Submissive. Nice and simple!

The "Before" shot. Only eye make up on 

The "Before" shot. Only eye make up on 

The "After" shot. with eye make up and the NYX Above & Beyoned Full Coverage Concealer 

The "After" shot. with eye make up and the NYX Above & Beyoned Full Coverage Concealer 

You can buy this product here  for under $5 (bargain!). Most definitely worth checking out. Over all I'm really impressed with this product. For a drug store brand this is a total win! Let me know if you guy want to see a full tutorial on how I do my make up! 

Till next time! 

All my love