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LETS CHAT- Won’t Leave The House Without

Hello friends!

Today I wanted to start this new kind of post on the blog. I want to bring you guys in and have a conversation with you via the comments below the posts. Each week I’m going to post a topic with a question for all you readers and my self to interact on.

I really want this blog to have a strong community of readers who come together and chat on the regular. Please don’t be afraid to post a comment! I can’t wait to read them and comment back!

This week question:

Today was a supper late day for me I woke up extra late that means not as much time for my normal beauty routine. But unless it s a no make up day I don’t leave the house with out eyeliner. There is always time for eyeliner!

So tell me , what’s your “I can’t leave the house with out not matter what” make up/ beauty product, no matter how late you are or where your going?

 Side Note: Also if there is anything you want to see on this blog please let me know! I’m more than willing to work on a post that you guys want to see!

All my love