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FOOD FOR THOUGHT- What is Beauty?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- What is Beauty?


Having experience with people who have lost, or are slowly losing one of their senses is very eye opening experience. As on lovely lady told me “after you reach a certain age all you have is your eye your teeth and your ears“. Your eyes are one of your strongest most used senses.

Think about that? Every time one of you other sense picks up something, you hear footsteps behind you, you smell something foul. You immediately start to look for that source of that smell or sound.

Since we use our eyes so much it only makes sense that we want to please our eye by looking at things that are beautiful. Since you are what you see each and every day, most times more than once a day it only makes senses that you want to see something beautiful each time you look in the mirror. 

What makes life more interesting is that each person sees beauty in different ways. What may be beautiful and breath taking to you can be of course still and ugly to others. by learning to understand and respect with others thoughts is what makes life so interesting. 

Well there’s some thing to think about for the week, let me know what you think in the comments below!

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