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Fitness Humans | Those Who Inspire Pt.II

Fitness Humans | Those Who Inspire Pt.II

Health and Fitness is one of those place I always find myself need that extra motivation and inspartation here are the people i look to when i need just that:


I've been following Karena and Katrina for about 2 years now. They are some of the most motivating people on the internet. These girls run ToneItUp and if you're an OG EBG follower or know me in real life you'll know that I follow their program for my workouts, and try to keep to their nutrition plan. They have created a community over a million girls who follow ToneItUp. What's more inspirational than those who touch your life each day?

There Instagram link


Emily Haden

Have you ever look at someone and somehow they remain positive no matter what life throughs at them? That is exactly what Emily does every single day.  Emily is a bodybuilding bikini competitor. she pushes herself to her limit each day to competes in physique shows all around the country, she shares her journey through her youtube videos and each one is more inspires me to push myself more than the last. you want to get up and hit the gym right then and there.she ways say's the most motivating things that make It's thanks to her and a few people in this series that I've adopted a "no excuses" approach to a lot of what I do. 

Her Instagram 

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 2.45.04 PM.png

Amanda Bucci

It's Amadans fault that I got into the gym, to begin with! at one point in my life I was gaining weight like I never had before, then I somehow found amadans videos. I found her "That PrepLife" series and was in awe that someone could transform their body they way she did. The motivation to do exactly what she did was so inspiring to me I started getting myself on track and working on myself.

In addition to seeing her fitness journey, I've also watched her grow her channel and her business. it's amazing to her find her nitch and continue to grow.

If you're a lover of podcasts and want to learn more about Fitness and some business, you need to get your ears on Bucci Radio! her newly launch podcast is actually one of my favorites to listen to each week.

Amanda's Instagram link

Jeff Nippard

I like to call Jeff my science guy, If you like to learn about the how behind things then you need to look up his youtube channel. His science explained videos walk you through how behind different workouts, body parts, and other Fitness related topics. He also backs up everything with scientific articles. I'm a big believer that knowledge is power having the knowledge when I go to the gym makes me actually feel like I know what I'm doing. For someone who's relatively new in the gym, it puts a lot more confidence in my corner. 

Jeffs Instagram

Jeffs girlfriend Stephanie is also growing her youtube channel and has similar themes as Jeffs but from a woman's perspective. you should definitely check out her channel (here) too!

That's 5 people who inspire me each day to be better. If you missed part one where I talk about my favorite beauty and fashion inspiration you car read that here

here who inspired you in the comments below, till next time,

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